If You Thought Camping Was Boring, These Photos Will Prove You Wrong

Chrissy am 11. November 2021
Love it or hate it, there is nothing quite like spending some time in the great outdoors. A lot of people love taking camping trips alone or with their loved ones. It is always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to go back to basics every now and then. Sometimes, this is exactly what it takes to clear your mind. Most people immediately think of cooking smores and swimming in lakes, but there are other ways to go about camping. This list is all about what creative people do when they commune with nature! Some of these will truly shock you…

Working From The Outdoors
When you go out to the woods, you might want to leave your gadgets and devices behind. Sadly, this guy could not afford to forget about work even for one second. This is why he chose to bring his whole setup with him. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of camping. Come on, we are sure that it can wait!
On His Turf
We should all know our boundaries. This lion was upset because the camper did not respect his territory! Aside from that, it is simply disrespectful to bring a gun when you are intruding on someone else’s space.

We can’t help but wonder what happened after this photo was taken. Let us keep our fingers crossed that everyone got out of this mess safely even though the odds do not look too good.
A Secret Camping Spot
Have you ever taken your loved ones on a spontaneous weekend getaway? Perhaps you kept the actual destination a secret from them. It will be a lot of fun to hear them guess where you are taking them.

Are you going to the beach? The lake? The amusement park? We are sure that none of the companions got it right. They had no idea that they were actually on the way to a secret campground.
How Not To Advertise
There is a pretty big market for camping gear. Trust us, you will always find something for everyone! You can get the basic ones if you are on a budget, but you can also opt for luxury if you have more money to spare.

We do not know how much this mat is, but the brand in question clearly needed to find a new marketing manager. After all, we are a little confused about what the photo is trying to show us…
Watch Out For Your Gadgets
After spending so much money on your electronics, the least you can do is take care of them. This is super important when you are in the wild. The great outdoors comes with activities that will put them at risk! It is far too easy to lose or destroy them unless you keep an eye on them.

The owner of the phone should have been much more careful. They thought that they were in the clear, but they forgot to bring it in when it started to rain. We hope that the rice technique will work on this drenched device…
Reduce Your Load
We find it hard to decide whether this is brilliant or silly. For one thing, this will drastically reduce how much you have to carry since you do not have to lug around a sleeping bag, a tent, and pegs.

But on the other hand, we do not find the idea of lying down on the ground very appealing. We doubt that you will feel refreshed once you get up in the morning. Do not forget that your comfort is worth it.
Too Many Creature Comforts
It is pretty awesome to see modern campgrounds equipped with certain luxuries. Electric stations come in very handy, especially if you are in dire need of creature comforts. It can power the lights, a toaster, and maybe a hairdryer.

This family should have toned it down a little, however. This image makes us think that they needed electricity for a laptop, a sound system, a TV, and a PlayStation… If that were the case, they should have simply stayed at home! Why bother leaving the house in the first place?
King Of Kindling
Whoa, what a crazy photo. We hope that this man ended up all right. It is possible that this was nothing more than a photo stunt, which was taken at just the right moment. After all, we can’t imagine any other way he would find himself in that position.

The only alternative is that he fell from the sky right into the fire. Even though campfires are great for providing heat, they are not going to break your fall. As a matter of fact, they will only give another layer of paint on top of that. Ouch.
Looking For A Proper Bath
When you go on a camping trip, you have to say goodbye to your hygienic comforts. This couple wanted to show us that this is not actually the case. Who said that you had to forget about scrubbing yourself clean when you are out in the woods?

They did not like the idea of going to bed scruffy and dirty, so they brought their bathtub with them instead. We hope that they find a water hole that will let them fill it up to their heart’s desire. To be honest, this is the first time we have ever seen anything like this.
When You Camp With Friends
There is no one way to camp. Some people prefer to go on camping trips with their lover, while others like to do it on their own. There are parents who bring along the entire family to show the kids that there is a world outside of screens.

Lastly, some people enjoy camping with their friends! It makes for a great bonding activity, but you should know that things like this tend to happen. We are sure that they had a lot of fun. However, we doubt that you would want to be in this guy’s shoes.
You Should Be Afraid
When you forget to bring a tent, you will probably just go to bed in your sleeping bags. As long as it is not too cold, this should be all right. Unfortunately, the boys had the worst luck ever.

They had no idea that a bear was going to run into them! We are sure that it was terrifying to wake up and find this creature walking towards you. Hopefully, no one got hurt after this photo was taken.
Bringing Your Pets
It is fun to go camping with your pet. We admit that it sounds appealing to bring your fur baby with you since they love exploring the great outdoors. However, you might be surprised by how difficult it can actually be.

No doubt, you should leave the cats at home no matter what. After all, there is a good chance that you will lose them as soon as you get out of the door. Dogs are better, but it really depends on your pet. It would be awesome to take a brave canine with you, but a house dog… not so much.
Read The Fine Print
We have all been there. You have probably ordered an item online at the last minute without checking the specifications. This guy thought that he was getting a proper tent but found out the sad truth when the package arrived a day before the trip.

Sadly, this thing is barely even big enough to fit his head.
Call Of Nature
There is nothing quite like fresh air! It is nice to take in the sights and sounds that nature has to offer. When you need to refresh, head to the forest, and disconnect from the world. It is even better if you have good friends with you. You can forget all about work in the meantime.

A jokester wanted to drive this point home by setting up this installation. This is a great way to keep everyone off their phones!
Not A Light Breeze
Before you get in your car and drive to your camping spot, you should look at the weather forecast. You should really see what the report has to say!

A quick glance is not going to cut it, as the owner of this tent soon found out. They assumed that there was only going to be a light breeze until this happened. Please remember that tent pegs are meant to go in the ground. Otherwise, expect this to happen.
Literally Hanging Out
It is nice to kick back, relax, and hang out with your loved ones. Camping trips offer all this and more! You can shut off your brain and simply take advantage of what nature has to offer. But the people in this photo were literally hanging out. We are blown away by how courageous they must have been.

No offense, but you can’t even pay us to sleep there. How did they even set up the whole thing in the first place? It is already a drag to pitch a regular tent, so we can’t even imagine how much work this took.
No One Read The Sign
We can tell that some people in this photo can’t read. It might even be all of them. Something tells us that this is not just a case of missing the sign. You know what, they probably just did not care about the rules.

Could this have been the venue for a huge music festival? We do not know. At any rate, it is quite disappointing to see just how much litter there is on the ground. The least they could do is keep it clean.
Camping With Your Car
Wow, this is a great idea. Ideally, you should hang your wet clothes on hammocks and trees when you are camping. Sadly, this might not always be done if you are in a busy area.

This guy decided to make use of his car to dry his laundry! Sometimes, you have to pull off creative stunts like this one if the normal methods do not work. Major props to this guy who was not afraid to think outside the box.
Not Your Regular Campers
We are sure that this is not what you had in mind when you think of campers. After all, they look like they are dressed for a music festival instead. There is a new trend on the rise: glamping.

This allows you to go to the wilderness but wear a mini skirt, put on a full face of makeup, and style your hair all at the same time. There is no doubt in our minds that these ladies are ready for a glamorous camping trip!
Taking The TV
It is not hard to guess what was going on here. This boy did not want to go on the trip, but his family forced him to come. In the end, he agreed on one question.

He was not joining them unless he could bring the TV with him! His parents had no choice but to say yes. Instead of huddling up around the fire, they ended up watching movies at night. It is a strange way to camp, but it also sounds very fun to us!
An Authentic Camping Trip
Let us hope that this area had a backup plan in case the toilets caught on fire. We bet that no one saw this coming! How did this even happen?

Maybe someone wanted to ensure that the campers would have a more authentic camping experience. After all, how can you call it real camping when you can go to the porta-potty? We agree with that to a certain extent, but it was overkill to burn them all down.
A Portable Fire
They asked their sons to get chopping wood for the fire, but the little boys did not understand the instructions. For some reason, they thought that their parents wanted them to make a fire then and there. It was a simple mix-up, but this could have ended in a disastrous way.

If you ask us, this is a great idea. Have you ever thought of a portable fire in the past? Maybe they could turn it into a business. They should start walking this around the camping grounds to offer people heat in exchange for a few bucks.
If It Works
What a brilliant idea. Don’t you just love it when people use an object in an unexpected way? We doubt that a lot of people would have thought to use a rake to cook hotdogs. It is pretty off-kilter, but it works very well. You only have to think outside of the box to get things done in a more efficient way.

We can tell that this guy would go on to do great things in the future. However, we hope that he did not forget to wash the rake before he skewered those hot dogs onto the tines.
Safety Above All
At first, they thought that it was just a small mistake. What could go wrong when you accidentally drop a piece of hot coal? They decided that they could pick it up by the time they were done cooking.

Well, let us just say that they underestimated the situation. The reality only hit them once they got a whiff of burning plastic. Next time, you should be very careful if you do not want to ruin very expensive camping gear.
Like A Horror Movie
Is this a real picture? We are having a tough time convincing ourselves that this was not a still from a horror flick. These two just look so mismatched! They were either playing dress up or actually getting married.

We want to know how their neighbors reacted after seeing them like this. It is a pretty iconic photo, no doubt about that. However, we wish we knew exactly what was going on here. Any clues?
Facing His Fear
Every single one of us fears something. Some tend to be more rational compared to others. We won’t blame you if you are scared of snakes and spiders entering your tents.

Bears are also legitimate causes of concern. For us, it is a little hard to understand what is so scary about swimming in a lake. Was he afraid that there were scary creatures in the water? If so, he should have gotten more reliable floaters.
Not Like A Spa
These days, skincare has become the talk of the town. At home, this woman liked to put on all kinds of masks on her face. She would pile on clay to exfoliate her skin.

Sadly, she does not like the more natural version of this process. Unfortunately, she did not think that it was luxurious nor relaxing to fall down on a muddy puddle! We hope that there was a river nearby when this happened so she could wash it all off.
Another Use For It
Did you and your spouse get into a fight in the middle of a camping trip? When this happens at home, one of you will probably sleep on the couch until you work out your differences.

It is not possible to do this when you are on a camping trip, of course. Even so, the feuding couple found a way to take a break from each other. They did not lie down on the air mattress and simply used it as a makeshift divider!
It Was A Long Day
This man was way too tired by the end of the trip. Well, he had to plan, pack, drive, break up fights between his kids, set up, and unpack. He had a long day, so we can’t really blame him for dozing off like this.

The poor guy wanted to get some rest and relaxation, but he could no longer keep his eyes open. Oh well, it should get better after this as long as it was not just a one-night trip.
Not Very Comfortable
Here is another guy who was too tired to go to bed properly. He had no energy to even zip the tent door up and down. In the end, he decided to simply make a bed out of the foldable chairs and the cooler! This will have to do. We hope that he does not wake up all sore and achy.

That would not be ideal since they plan to hike up the mountain and go on an adventure that day. If you are ever tempted to follow in his footsteps, we advise you to walk several meters to the tent. Sadly, it is too late for him now.
Too Much To Drink
Nothing beats a camping trip with your friends. It is hard to turn down alcohol when you go on an excursion like this one. Sadly, this guy had a little too much. We are sure that he will not wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Do not worry, his friends did not abandon him. No, the problem is the fact that everyone else passed out in a similar way. Oh well, we are just glad that they were all in it together. The friend group that passes out together stays together.
Finding A Balance
It was hard to strike a balance. For one thing, you do not want your pan too close to the figure because you don’t want to overcook the food. On the other hand, you don’t want it far enough that it won’t cook at all.

This person found a way to get it right! It is quite impressive to see what solutions we come up with during a moment of desperation.
Bad At Directions
We have a piece of advice for the person who drove this RV right into the sea. Next time, you should probably install Waze on your own to avoid incidents like this one. In this day and age, every driver should do the same thing! This way, you can take the quickest route and arrive at the destination without a problem.

We are sure that all the other passengers had been furious at the driver for getting them into this mess. If anything, it should have been common sense not to drive so quickly into the soft sand. Let us hope that they got out of this sticky situation not long after this.
There’s A Bear In My Tent
When you go on a camping trip, you need to secure all the food that you have with you. Otherwise, you can expect a big furry creature to come in and disturb your peace.

We are sure that this was a terrifying experience. If you do not want this to happen to you, you should get steel containers that you can use to store all your food items. We just hope that no one was inside the tent when the bear dropped by.
A Luxurious Tent
Are you trying to convince an inexperienced friend that camping is fun? Maybe you can show them a photo of a very comfortable sleeping quarter. This photo will probably fall into the glamping category.

It is incredible to see just how big this tent is! Even though all the space must be nice, it would have been nicer if it offered more privacy as well. The only thing missing in this photo would be blackout curtains.
One On Top Of Another
It took them a very long time before they found the right place for their tent. We can see why they were all so tired by the time they reached the spot. When all was said and then, everyone just wanted to get some sleep!

They could only muster enough energy to pitch a single tent that night. This was how they ended up falling asleep right on top of each other. They should probably try their luck in a car stuffing competition after this trip. Something tells us that they are going to be amazing at it!
Truly Man’s Best Friend
This guy clearly needs to sort out his priorities. He decided to let his girlfriend sleep outside of the tent so that he could cuddle with his bike.

To be fair, there are times when we get attached to inanimate objects as well. Still, we have never done anything of this sort in the past. At the very least, we are glad that she did not freeze to death. Maybe she wanted to enjoy all the fresh air out there. Who knows?
Gorgeous And Gutsy
Are you familiar with the lady in this photo? She is Jennifer Saucier, a YouTuber who made it big on the social media platform under the alias ‘Farm Girl Jen.’ Can you believe that she is already in her fifties? She made millions of dollars with her outdoor survival videos!

The tough gal has shown us that she can chop wood and make outdoor appliances. If you ask us, the best thing about her channel is her amazing personality! Who said that only lumberjacks can work in the woods? She is here to prove all of us wrong.
Literally Stuck Outdoors
To be honest with you, we have no idea what happened here. We are just as confused as you. Maybe he was snoring too loudly at night, so his friends decide to do something about it. Regardless, it does not look like he would be able to do much from there.

Maybe he can serve as the sentinel or scare off snakes and bears from entering the camping area. We can tell that he did something serious. After all, someone must have put in a lot of time and effort just to wrap him in duct tape!
A Pleasant Surprise
There are times when you slip on a shoe, only to see a snail inside of it. No one really likes surprises like that. In the woods, it is a good idea to expect the unexpected. You are the guest, while the mosquitos, bugs, and wild animals are the residents! Still, no one could have expected to find a good boy when they opened up the hammock.

To be honest, we are surprised to see that this dog could fit in there. The only thing that would shock us more is if he was not the pet of the guy who owned the hammock!
Clearly Not Happy
This guy does not look very happy in this photo, does he? Well, he was promised a holiday in a tropical country, but he got this instead. We can totally see why he is pulling that face.

The weather matched his dreary mood! With those fins, he is ready for any potential flash flood. He also has his snorkel inside the tent. It is kind of sad to see this. He was clearly ready to go swimming, but there is no water in sight.
The Coolest Breeze
If you ask us, one of the greatest things about camping is enjoying the fresh air. When you are in the forest, you can truly forget about everything else. The breeze is purer, crisper, and fresher than anything that the city has to offer. This fellow did not give Mother Nature enough credit, unfortunately.

They wanted to be ready for the heat, so they brought an air conditioning unit with them. We bet that they were beginners at camping. After all, no veteran would have pulled off a stunt like this one!
From A Safe Distance
Are you planning to spend time in nature? In the woods, you can run into some truly scary situations. But in general, you do not have anything to worry about as long as you take the proper precautions.

At any rate, you have to be tougher than the guy in this photo! It is always good to err on the side of caution, but this is a little too much. Dude, we promise you that you can come a little closer to the fire.
That Literally Escalated
First, they decided to ditch the tent and go for a camper instead. There is nothing wrong with that, but they should have weighed the pros and cons a little more carefully.

It feels like they did not really think long and hard about how to bring it to the camping grounds! We know that no one really enjoys hooking and unhooking those trailers, but it is still the safest method. This guy decided to try a different method, however. In all fairness to him, it looks pretty effective. We just hope that things did not go awry.
The Most Determined Campers
It is not rare for people to camp outside a store before the release of a new book or item. This also takes place before tickets to a huge concert go on sale.

People are willing to do whatever it takes if it means securing a spot. Based on this, we can see that these folks were as determined as it can possibly get! We just hope that they brought an inflatable mattress so that their backs won’t hurt too much in the morning.